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KCSE Exam Registration

Registration of KCSE examination will run till February 15. Ensure you have registered for KCSE by end of February. Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) is the body that has been mandated to oversee national examinations including KCPE and KCSE. KCSE Candidates can either apply through school heads or as private candidate.

Regular Candidates: If you are a candidate in a registered Secondary school, you will be required to register through the school. Submit your details to the school and the school will apply for registration to KNEC on your behalf. For schools, visit the link below to register your candidates for KCSE.


Private Candidates: Private candidates are those who are studying for the exam through private tutoring and are seeking to sit for the KNEC examination at the end of the year. They are those students who are;

  • Sitting for exam for the second time
  • Older and may find it uncomfortable to mingle with young students
  • Sitting for their exam while serving as inmates
  • Who missed their previous exam due to unavoidable reasons

For private candidates, there are a process that you will need to follow to register for your examination at KNEC. Check the process at the link below:


If you require more information, you are free to contact KNEC through their website at www.knec.ac.ke

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