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How to register for KCPE as a private candidate


What are the requirements of registering as a private candidate for KCPE in Kenya? How do i register for KCPE as a private candidate? Where do i register for KCPE as a private candidate? Am i qualified to register as a private candidate for KCPE? Where do i get the KCPE private candidates registration form from? Which are KCPE private candidate centers in Kenya?

Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has made it possible for private students who want to sit for KCPE, to do so. If you are interested and you meet the requirements, you will be required to register as a private candidate in recognized KNEC examination centers Kenya. 

Who are eligible to be private candidates?

  1. Those sitting for exam for the second time
  2. Those who are older and may find it uncomfortable to mingle with young students
  3. Those who are sitting for their exam while serving as inmates
  4. Those who missed their previous exam due to unavoidable reasons


Before registration, you must meet the KNEC entry requirements which include the following;

  1. Must have a birth certificate.
  2. Two passport-sized photos
  3. Produce a letter of confirmation from the head teacher of the school/center you will be taking the KNEC examination from.

KCPE Registration Process

To register as a private KCPE candidate, you are required to visit the official KNEC website and download a registration form, fill it fully and submit to KNEC recognized centers. You can get more information on registration centers near you at your District/Sub-County Education Office.

You can find the form at https://www.knec.ac.ke/home/index.php?option=com_phocadownload&view=category&download=680:2018-kcpe-examination-entry-form-for-private-candidates&id=90:schools

(If the above form is not available, get it from https://www.knec-portal.ac.ke/ )

Where do i submit my dully filled registration form

Kenya National Examination Council have provided registered and recognized centers where you can make your registration. You can visit District Education Offices next to you in March of every year and make your registration as a private KCPE candidate. The registration timeline is solely set by KNEC.

You will not be accepted as a KCSE private candidate if you will not meet the above entry requirements, even if you have paid the registration fees

Examination Fees

Private Candindates must pay for the examination fees. The number of papers you will register will determine the amount of examination fee to be paid by you. The normal basic Exam registration fee is kshs 800.

The fees payment is not done directly into the KNEC account but rather to the Sub-County Education office who in turn deposit it into KNEC's account.

Registration Timelines

Registration of KCPE as a private candidate should be done by February 15 of each year, for you to seat for the KCPE exam in the same year.

Where do i get more information?

This information might be confusing. I would recommend that you download and print the above registration form and head to your sub-county education office. They will give you all the the information that you require and even pre-qualify you as a candidate.

Points to note

  • Deadline for registration of KCPE examination is February 15.
  • All private candidates will register and sit for their examinations at designated examination centres in the Sub-County.
  • KNEC will only allow one private examination centre per Sub County.
  • Private candidates are not allowed to individually deposit money into the KNEC collection accounts

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